New Album!!! Kiss Me Like A Girl!!!

Welcome to a new standard for romance! Love is a complex emotion, there are hundreds of different forms of love. Many of us have lowered our standards since we entered the world.

I, personally, just assumed all married couples made out on the couch all evening before bedtime like my parents did. When I got married at the age of 18, I was hit with a rude awakening to the fact that not everybody wants a love like that. My ex-husband didn't. I did. I still do. Marriages are hard to maintain. I know. One person can not keep the romance alive alone.

This album is my new standard for love. I want a love that's Worth Fighting For, a man who is Easy to Love and stays with me whether we're eating Ramen or Ribeye. I have been love-sober for years now, but a man who can Kiss Me Like A Girl would be worth One Last High. 

I hope you Fall Into Love with these songs, too. 

Along with the release of Kiss Me Like A Girl, my previous two albums have been re-released. If you buy them all, I'll be that much closer to being able to afford to record the next one. I'm almost done writing it now!!!

What is your heart worth to you? Enjoy, live and share these songs with the people who mean the world to you!
Kiss Me Like A Girl: CD

Kiss Me Like A Girl: CD

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Just as if Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt & Adele decided to record a tribute to Patsy Cline at a studio on Music Row: Soul, Country, Rhythm & Bluegrass - and nothing but real, deep, sexy love songs to raise the bar on romance!

Kiss Me Like A Girl T-Shirt

Kiss Me Like A Girl T-Shirt


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Kiss the world!!!! Wear your favorite song title everywhere and show your support! (My cousin Heather is wearing hers on the set of a TV show in Hollywood.)


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