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"Rarely, if ever, does a voice as fresh and clean as Olivia West's come along. She possesses the soul of an artist and the passion of one of the great storytellers of our time." - Cashbox Magazine   "Comparable to the way chocolate mousse tastes…dark, and rich, light and airy, smooth and tasty. The kind of thing that you just can’t get enough of…ever!" - Country Music Tattle Tale  "Elvis in a skirt!" - Murfreesboro Pulse

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New Album On The Horizon!!! It's been 4 years since I recorded my last album and the backlog of songs for the next project is astounding! It's time to record again!!! I need to raise at least $20K for recording, marketing and distribution, so that means: I need your help! I'm collecting donations for the next album! Contributors of $40 or more get copies of a my previous cds, early release copies of the next one, and an autographed 8x10! Need bigger Incentives? $75 (Big Fan): All the above plus an exclusive contributors t-shirt
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Music Without Boundaries

"Why do we have to pick a genre anyway? Can't we just love to make great music and forget where it fits if everyone likes to listen?"  Spoken like a real songwriter-turned-diva. "I listen to it all and I'm influenced by it all. I don't think in genres and I don't sing in them either."


Olivia West has been influenced by everyone and everything. "But I mostly write about life. Mine and everyone else I know. It's kinda dangerous to know me if you don't wanna hear someone sing about you."


Or blog.  Olivia's blog about raising her children while pursuing her career, "Livi's Life Story - A Single Mommy's Adventures In Becoming An Overnight Success," at is an intimate, interactive and humorous look at the way her mind and life work.


Olivia earned her first paycheck singing Country music at the Truman Lake Opry in Tightwad MO.  Since then she's waited tables, torn off roofs, cleaned houses and ended up "begging from stages with my tipbucket and my guitar" in Nashville's competitive and underpaid music scene.  She currently gets a weekly paycheck singing at the Hilton Garden Inn by the Nashville airport, but she sings everywhere she can.




Growing up under the poverty line, a supportive father's early and unexpected death, a failed marriage, the hardship of struggling to raise two boys alone, and the typical aches and pains of a growing artist career. It makes for a lot of material to write about.

"Nothing's off limits for my songs.  I write about it all. I think music reaches more people if it's honest, and I can't afford a shrink, so I hold nothing back. I put it all in my music."


"Once I even won a karaoke contest so I could drive home from Nashville for a weekend and play a show my family could attend in KC.  Ha ha!   I think it's supposed to go the other way around" quips Olivia whose humor developed well as a defense mechanism against "more heartache than you can fit in a whole career of Country songs, that's probably why it ends up sounding more hard-edged like Rock."


She's played everywhere from the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame Inductions at Lexington Center in KY, Wicked Willy's on Bleeker St in NY NY, the Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival in Alabama, the Hard Rock & Tootsie's (in Nashville and Florida) to the Bluebird Cafe and shared a bill with John Rich, Lady Antebellum, Jerrod Neimann, The Henningsens, Lee Brice, Steve Wariner, Lorrie Morgan, Exile, The KY Headhunters and even Casting Crowns, Pillar and Reliant K. No one in Nashville is working harder at climbing that ladder to the top of the charts.


Olivia writes that music “with my heroes & friends! I’m the luckiest girl in the world to get to make songs with the people who influenced me!”

Her cowriters include: Greg Barnhill (House of Love, Walkaway Joe, That Kind of Day,)  Mark Oliverius (She’s A Whole Lotta Gone, Dos Divas,) Reese Wilson (You Take Me Places I’ve Never Been, Not On Your Love,) Stan Webb (I’m From the Country,) Rodney Janzen (Free and Easy Down The Road,) The Henningsens (You Lie, The Only Girl You Love All Your Life,) Mary Francis (Whiskey if You Were a Woman, Tonight the Heartache’s on Me,) Jon Nite (Save Water Drink Beer, Glass,) Amanda Williams (B-E-E-R Run.)

A Diva's Best Friend Get to know Olivia by joining her social network. Ask her questions, invite her to your weddings and birthday parties or just stalk her to learn more about her personal life. Just don't send body parts or mp3s. Get more Olivia in her blog, Livi's Life Story
Be Part of the Creative Process Making music costs lots of money. Studio recording time, instrumentalists' fees, reproduction of cds, distribution fees, promotional expenses... Your donation helps Olivia keep making new music! Contributors of $30 or more get both cds and an autographed 8x10!
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"Olivia works the stage like Elvis in a Skirt"     

                           - Kristina Outland, Murfreesboro Pulse

"Rarely, if ever, does a voice as fresh and clean as Olivia West's come along. She possesses the soul of an artist and the passion of one of the great storytellers of our time."      

                           - Christopher Llewelyn Adams, Cashbox Magazine (May 5, 2010)

"Comparable to the way chocolate mousse tastes…dark, and rich, light and airy, smooth and tasty. The kind of thing that you just can’t get enough of…ever!"           

                           - Trigger 183, Country Music Tattle Tale / 95.7 KKAJ (Apr 24, 2010)

"Olivia West is exactly what country radio has been waiting for"

                          - Dallas Rogers, Cafe Nashville, Clear Channel Radio

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Alone & Personal "Do your karma a favor and buy a copy of Alone and Personal today" - Cashbox Magazine "...a collection of songs that could be described as nothing less than a diamond in a bucket of coal..."
-Country Music Tattle Tale